Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It was a great weekend in Central Pennsylvania for Dougie frEsh (Doug Esh). He turned a so-so season for him so far into two major victories. I was there for both of them. He won the Mitch Smith Memorial on Friday Night at Williams Grove. That race paid $5,000 to win. He then turned around and won the 56th Anniversary Race at Lincoln the following night paying $5,600 to the winner. That makes four wins on the season now for Right Said Fred (Esh). What’s even more impressive is that he beat Fast Freddie (Fred Rahmer) to win both of them. Fritz has been hooked up all year long, winning 12 races at the halfway point of the season despite the sheer number of rainouts that have taken away sure wins from him. Lance Dewease finally had a good run after he finished third on Friday at Williams Grove and looked fast. I don’t care that he won the WoO race at Charlotte, he has run inconsistent all season long. He would tell you that I’m sure. He’s holding onto a slim points lead in the All Stars points, and he hasn’t ran very good in PA all season long.
On Friday night at Bedford something special happened at the old fairgrounds track. Bedford, typically known as a track with not a lot of passing saw a lot when Jason Covert broke in his heat race and came from the back of the B-Main to start 17th in the feature and won. It has to be some kind of record for Bedford because I seriously doubt anyone has ever come from that far back to win a race there. Mighty Mouse, Donnie Moran, and Stuhler followed Covert across the line.
Saturday night saw Jeremy Miller (Mighty Mouse) finally win his second race of the year by taking the Ernie’s Salvage Yard 25 at Hagerstown. He typically wouldn’t race at Hagerstown, but with an open tire rule for the event he was allowed to run his American Racer tires. The Hoosier guys were bitching and complaining once again as four of the top five finishers were on American Racers. They need to stop complaining and make a better tire that can compete with the AR’s in this area. Brent Smith, zero wins on the season by the way, was the only driver in the top five on Hoosier tires. The Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic contract that has all the local guys at Hagerstown running Hoosier tires every week. It’s a good thing too, because the American Racers guys would be winning every week at Hagerstown if they were allowed to run those tires there. Miller won’t be back until the Lucas Oil show it seems like. Covert finished off a good weekend with a second place finish from 9th. Stuhler continued his hot and cold season by finishing a pathetic 9th in Ernie’s show. Apparently he was on experimental Hoosier tires. Well, to be blunt, those tires fuckin’ suck, because Stuhler went backwards in the feature. I guess its back to the drawing board for Hoosier.
On the national scene, Freddy Smith provided a feel good moment pulling off the upset of the year by winning the Lucas Oil race at North Alabama on Friday night. The next night it was back to business as usual as Bloomer took the win at Columbus in a TV race. Daryn Pittman won the Kings Royal at Eldora on Sunday night after Joey Saldana has the show won, but broke. Donnie Kreitz made the trip out to Eldora on Saturday night and nobody can figure out why. The 1986 Kings Royal winner has not won a race all year in PA, but got a wild hair up his ass and decided to run at Eldora. Unfortunately for Kreitz, he came home after they rained out on Saturday night. Too bad for the PA fans too. The way they put Kreitz on a pedestal, I’m sure they thought he was going to give those Outlaw guys a run for his money. By the way, the Outlaws are coming into Williams Grove. I’m sure the PA fans still think Kreitz can get the job done against the Outlaws like he used too.
In other action this past weekend, Bo Feathers won at Winchester from the front two rows, what else is new. Good news though, Feathers will have to start 12th in the Paul Johnson Memorial this weekend. This further proves that Winchester's system of not handicapping ends up screwing its own drivers by penalizing them the week some Hagerstown guys come in to run the Memorial races. These guys get put in the back for the bigger paying races simply because they won the week before. Bo Feathers is the only Winchester regular who has a shot at winning the Johnson Memorial from 12th though. If Winchester was to handicap they would actually put their own guys in front of the non-regulars who come in for the Memorial shows that are points races.
Greg Hodnett finally won a race by taking the win at Port Royal, thus staying away from the bigger money paying show at Lincoln. Congrats to Hodnett for maybe getting a little closer to the track he got off of a ways back down the road, but he still should have went to Lincoln. A time trial show favors him a little bit better anyway. The track was too fast and tacky, so if Hodnett started up front, he probably would have won the show.

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